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Providing free* legal assistance when you are being interviewed by British Military Police (Army, Navy and RAF), including the Special Investigation Branch, and the International Military Police (aka NATO MP) no matter where you are in the world, including, but not exclusively:

Belgium (SHAPE)
Canada (BATUS)
Cyprus (inc. NATO tours)
Falkland Islands
Germany (inc. Bavaria)
Kenya (BATUK)
Netherlands (Brunssum)

…and all current and future NATO, UN and British Forces Exercise areas.

The provision of assistance during interviews in England and Wales is provided through an agency agreement with other legal practices. Details can be provided on request.


Providing free*, subsidised** or affordable*** legal assistance at:

•    Court Martial

•   Service Civilian Court

•   Summary Appeal Court

•   Court Martial Appeal Court

This service is available wherever in the world the court case will be heard.

Summary Dealings

Providing, where possible, pro bono (i.e. for no financial reward) advice as to how to present your case before your CO or OC and, depending, of course, on the outcome of the Summary Hearing, whether or not you have a realistic prospect of appeal.

Administrative Action

Providing affordable*** assistance from the very first identification of a failing in both Minor and Major Administrative Action.

Service Complaints

Providing affordable*** assistance in the completion of Annex F of JSP 831 and the collation and presentation of any evidence in your favour.

* All interviews under caution with the MP, SIB and IMP outside of England and Wales are funded by the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority. All interviews under caution in England and Wales are funded by the Legal Aid Agency. You do not have to pay anything towards this cost, no matter where you are located.
** Court proceedings are also covered by legal aid, but financial contributions might be required by the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority - speak to your Unit's Discipline Office or AFCLAA directly regarding this. Private arrangements can also be made.

*** Representation at interviews and at court proceedings anywhere in the world can be subject to a privately-funded agreement if you so wish. The provision of services in relation to AGAI 67/Administrative proceedings and Service Complaints are not covered by legal aid and are, therefore, subject to privately-agreed fees. Knowing the levels of income and the costs involved in being in the military, Lynch Law is committed to providing representation at a realistic cost.

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